How we do it

Applied Comics Etc grew out of the Newcastle Science Comics project and this focus on collaborative projects remains central to what we do.

We enjoy working with researchers and other professionals who are passionate about their work.  Collaborating with us on a comics-based projects is a way to share that energy with children, young people and adults who would not typically read academic publications.  And making comics is fun.

Our approach

We start with whatever it is you want to communicate.  We’ve worked with academic research including clinical trials data, and with museums, galleries, and libraries.  We know there’s a whole world of information, heritage, and culture that will take us beyond these proven strengths.  Don’t worry, we enjoy wrestling with big issues.

Then we find out what it is about your content that is exciting and unique.  We consider who your audience is and then explore ways to engage them.  Only then do we go on to offer options for art and writing styles, publication formats, and put together the right team to bring this to life in comics form.

We can work with a range of needs, timescales and budgets to plan and deliver comics-based projects connect your work with your audiences in exciting and meaningful ways.  All our services are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation: our only ‘house style’ is awesomeness.

Our services

Our core areas for public engagement services are:

  • Commissioning, project management, creation and publication of physical and digital comics
  • Editorial services for comics and cultural works
  • Project management of outreach and engagement work for academic and cultural organisations.

Our core areas for researcher and staff development are:

  • Team development through creative methods, particularly for teams of self-professed ‘non-creatives’
  • Public engagement through creative methods
  • Working with children and young people
  • Working with creative professionals.