Creative approaches to patient information (2021)

patients, clinical staff, and healthcare specialists working together

Great North Children’s Hospital (Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust) has been working with Newcastle University researchers to explore creative approaches to patient information. As a legacy of that work, the team has produced a quick-start guide and materials to help staff plan their own collaborations with artists including comics creators and illustrators to produce patient information materials for use as part of clinical encounters. Resources from earlier phases of this project (including the My MRI! comic) are publicly available here.

The new resources are:

Or, click below to read all resources in one PDF:

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Project team:

  • Lydia Wysocki – Education, Communication and Language Sciences, Newcastle University; Applied Comics Etc
  • Janice McLaughlin – Sociology, Newcastle University
  • Heather Wilson – Comic Developer, HeatherWilson Illustrations
  • We also thank Michael McKean and Julie Anderson (NuTH NHS Trust) and Mel Whewell (Newcastle University’s Institute for Creative Arts Practice) for their advice.

For this phase of the project we gratefully acknowledge funding from Great North Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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