COMICS: Newcastle, Gateshead, and Stockton Libraries (2014)


In summer 2014 Newcastle, Gateshead, and Stockton Libraries joined forces with local comics creators to host a great comics festival for children and young people.


Applied Comics Etc took part in the festival by running our infographics workshop. Then we were invited back for more. In partnership with the libraries and with Tyne Bridge Publishing we published a souvenir book, celebrating the work created by everyone involved.


The souvenir book was a way for participants and their families to remember their shared experiences and comics-making fun (and hard work). It was also a way to show others what the festival achieved, and to say thank you to local arts organisations, local councils, the British Library, and Arts Council England for supporting the festival.

The festival linked with the 2014 British Library exhibition ‘Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK’ and the festival competition winners won a trip to the British Library. The magic of ISBNs means that this souvenir book featuring their comics is now part of the British Library’s legal deposit collection.

Click here to read the full souvenir book on Newcastle Libraries’ website.