What’s a comic?

Comics is an artistic medium that combines words and pictures.  This page is a very brief overview of the comics world to better show what Applied Comics Etc does.

The comics medium takes many forms.  A comic book might be one story from cover to cover or it might include a series of shorter stories.  There might not be any story at all.  It might be a web comic, a poster, a series of trading cards, or a fire exit sign.  It might be a comic strip in a newspaper, or it might be a single-panel political cartoon.  It might be a do-it-yourself zine, or it might be a multi-bazillion dollar industry.  It might or might not be funny.

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We’ll show you a range of comics as examples as part of our work together.  If you already have any favourite comics, tell us what they are to give us a sense of where you’re comic from.  If you don’t, that’s fine too: we have plenty of examples to help you get up to speed.

Comics is? Or comics are?

A note on grammar: yeah, grammar’s complicated.  Sometimes it’s comics is and other times it’s comics are.  This isn’t a typing error.  Grammatically, comics as a medium is an abstract noun and a comic is a concrete noun.  It’s accurate to say that comics is a versatile and compelling medium, and equally accurate to say that comics are fun to make and read.

A note on comics grammar: yeah, comics has its own grammar.  We’ll help you through it.