Past/future talks/events

We like taking part in events, talks, conventions, and fun times.

Here’s an example of the sort of thing we talk about (slides only; you’ll be needing a chat with us for the full story):

Here’s a list of our past talks-presentations-workshops-articles, with web links and formal references where possible.  All by Lydia Wysocki as sole author except when stated otherwise.

  • ‘What’s it like to have an MRI scan?’ Lydia Wysocki, Julie Anderson, and Claire Watson. Poster presentation at Young People’s Advisory Group NE conference, Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle, December 2016 (Read a PDF of our poster here)
  • ‘Making great comics and books with the Great North Children’s Hospital’. Julie Anderson, Claire Watson and Lydia Wysocki. Graphic Medicine conference, University of Dundee, July 2016.
  • ‘The Science Of… Comics’. Lydia Wysocki and Dr Elisa Lopez-Capel. The Core, Newcastle Science Central. June 2016.
  • ‘Setting boundaries, communicating, and reflecting: 3 projects using comics as a method’. British Consortium of Comics Scholars, University of Sussex, June 2016 (read the zine-y version of our presentation in the photos below or PDF file here).
  • Wallsend Library local authors’ Story Tyne day, May 2016
  • North Shields Library Customer First Centre local history fair, April 2016
  • Sheffield University Postgraduate Research Training day (invitation only) November 2015
  • Thought Bubble: The Leeds Comic Art Festival on 14th-15th November 2015
  • Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums Local History Fair, Newcastle, November 2015
  • Laydeez Do Comics, Leeds, September 2015, talking about Spineless: The Newcastle Science Comic and True War Stories
  • Lydia Wysocki & Mike Thompson (2013). ‘Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic – public engagement, comics, and awesomeness’. Workshop at Engage2013, Bristol.
  • Lydia Wysocki & Mike Thompson (2013). ‘Epic Themes in Awesome Ways, or how we made Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic’. Presentation at Comics Forum, Leeds.