4. Guts & mechanics

We use the mechanics of comics to make awesome things happen. 

The guts and mechanics (or if you prefer, the structures and processes) in comics are amazing.  Comics, as sequential words and pictures, is a powerful and engaging medium.  Combining words and pictures achieves things that text-only or image-only publications can only dream of.

Here at Applied Comics Etc, we love making comics.  We also use the skills and techniques of comics to help people do other marvellous things, and to do them better.  Our developmental sessions don’t expect you to be good at drawing.  Our focus is on the communication of ideas and information.

This includes consultation, one-off workshops, and delivering programmes to work with you and your colleagues.  Key themes for this developmental work are:

  • articulating and communicating ideas
  • working with interdisciplinary teams
  • working with creative professionals.